The Sandals FAM Experience…. Sandals Royal Barbados Part 2 of 3


Hello ABC !  My name is Maria Diaz-Steponitis and do I have something to tell you. I had the opportunity to go on my first Fam trip to Sandal Barbados/Sandals Royal Barbados. Did I have fun….Well, let’s just say–Fun does not describe my experience. I really had nothing to go on before leaving to Barbados. I had nothing to compare it with and I was a bit nervous for the overall experience. I boarded the plane with really no expectations other than seeing Sandals for the first time and maybe getting to meet others.


Well, I was blown away from this experience. From the moment you are greeted at the entrance of Sandals Barbados with a Grand Smile and a fragrant wet towel to the farewell party. This really has set the bar high for future Fam trips. There was nothing to be nervous about other than coming home heavier then when you left from all the wonderful food. I loved Sandals Barbados/Sandals Royal Barbados. The property is stunning and has so much to offer anyone traveling to Barbados. Even if you are not a beach fanatic; Sandals has so much for you. The property is easy to navigate and what makes Sandals even more amazing is the wonderful locals that are employed there. They sincerely have a pure heart and a gift for making you feel at home. I had the pleasure of meeting so many ABC members that have made a lasting impression on me and will forever be in my heart. The 1st night I was greeted with a welcomed hug and a warm smile by Kim and Cynthia. It was as if we were friends for a lifetime. I received valuable training and mentorship while on the Fam Trip. Marsha Ann has a gift of presenting all her knowledge in a way that was obtainable and captivating. She captivated my attention and I am now equipped with the knowledge to present Sandals to my clients. I am thrilled to be able to offer Sandals Weddings, Honeymoons or Vacations to future clients. I stand 110% behind this signature product. Sandals knows how to show love !! Each training session, luncheon, dinner was remarkably enchanting. The decor was top notch and impressive. I loved everything about it. Each experience was just as remarkable as the last. I could not have done a better job myself. I applaud everyone who had their hand in on making this a Fam trip to remember. No matter what room level a client decides on, they will not be disappointed. Each room is decorated to perfection. On top of the comfort and decor everyday your room is restocked with wine, water, soda, etc. From the complimentary personal groom products in each room to having a hand written note left in your room, they stop at nothing to make you feel at home. Do they know how to through a party !! What a party it was. I have not had that much fun in a long time. ABC, I thank you. I thank you for making this Wisconsin girl feel as if she was on top of the World !! I will be back to Barbados. It was hard to leave, not only because of the fun but the bond you form with all the staff. They are the most endearing people on the planet. To Sandals Barbados/Sandals Royal Barbados and to ABC for making this a once in a lifetime experience!


Maria Diaz-Steponitis, CWP Owner/Lead Planner

Mia’s Wedding & Event Planning
Association of Bridal Consultants Member
Sandals & Beaches Rep


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