How Do You Prepare For The New Year?


The New Year is almost here, and it offers the promise of greater things to come.  During the last few weeks of the year, we’re usually focused on what’s to come – all the new habits we’re going to create and the goals we’re going to achieve and the workouts we’re going to do in the new year. Preparation is always the perfect start to creating goals so take a look back for just a second.


So many people make New Year’s Resolutions without consideration to their past habits.  For instance, you can’t say I am going to the gym every day this year for an hour if all last year you’ve never been. Create a list of your accomplishments, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What would I do differently?
  • Who were the people worthy of my time and effort?
  • In what ways did I not measure up to my potential?

No doubt, victories were had, mistakes were made, relationships came and went and, most importantly, lessons were learned.  Make sure that you have these things in mind before trying to commit to something that might not be committable.

In addition, writing down these items will help you to better see what areas you may need to improve in to begin to give you a basis for future goals.


Nobody is perfect. We always try our best to be useful, pleasant and to contribute in a positive way. The New Year is a time to recognize our shortcomings and acknowledge our own accountability through the errors that we’ve made in our lives.

  • Create a list of the biggest lessons you’ve learned.
  • Who have I hurt and how can I mend that bridge?
  • Who and what is worthy of my dedicated attention in 2019?


Clearing your mind and heart of guilt or discontent helps give you energy and allows you to focus on the New Year. Make sure that you keep all of the promises that you make TO YOURSELF!   One of the biggest things we do is make promises to ourselves and break them because of taking care of something or someone else.

  • What new adventures are ahead?
  • Where are the new lessons to learn?
  • How will I be able to contribute in a significant manner?


This is where you map out your 2019 plans by creating a vision board. Preparing a vision board helps you to organize your thoughts, dreams, and desires while taking a look at it all, visually, in one place. Don’t do an electronic vision board but something that you can hang up and see every day.  Then take the answers to the above questions and tape them on the back.

My own journey has been full of hills and valley’s but each time I’m in that valley I make sure that I grab some stones (learn my lesson) and soon I’m at the top of the hill ready to slay my Goliath. I wish that for all of you.


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