ABC WOW Annual Conference Keynote Speaker – Kristin Banta


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Today, see what Kristin Banta, of  Kristin Banta Events, Inc,  shares with us as we ask the following questions.

1. What are 2 key words (phrases) to describe what attendees will take away from attending your Keynote Presentation?

  •  Inspiration and Fresh Perspective

2. What would you say was the most important lesson (good or bad) that has impacted the way you evolved your business at these different stages:

  •  Upon starting, I carefully researched the marketplace in an effort to determine an available and unrepresented niche that was consistent with my strengths, skillset, and passions.
  • One must constantly innovate and be adaptive to where one’s consumer dwells and what they are responsive to as its ever changing.

3. What motivates you to continue being a part of this industry?

  •  Being a leader and vocal advocate for progress and innovation within event and wedding design is the single most driving factor that has kept me in the event industry for the last two decades.

4. If you were starting your business today, what is one tip you would share with new planners/designers?  

  •  Don’t be afraid to disrupt, to polarize, to take risks and to think differently. Inspiration comes from fresh perspective and original thought.  The greatest designers stood by their own unique creation which was met by some with doubt, skepticism or criticism yet celebrated, revered and remembered forever by others.


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