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 Marian Hilliard

 Marian Hilliard, CWP


Completing the Association of Bridal Consultants Professional Wedding Planning Program has been one of the most rewarding, yet challenging things I have done this far in my career. This program comes in on-line version, CD, or hard copy format. Because I like to have a binder-hard copy form I chose that. The irony is I carried this book around for 3 years prior to completing the program.  Do I advise this, no! The program is self learning pace, which can be done in a few months if your schedule allows it.

I decided to complete this program because education is key in any industry. To me personally  education is what sets you apart, plus allows you to understand the concepts of how to handle the wedding planning world better. We truly grow stagnant when we don’t continue learning, and in an industry that is ever changing one must keep up the new, ins-and-outs, plus the ever changing of our industry.

The challenges that I faced were truly that of running a business, raising a family, and wearing numerous hats to who I am. I would find myself diving in and trying to get it done, then finding myself placing it on the back burner due to trying to juggle family, business, and self-care. It’s truly a program that I would suggest doing it in the beginning of your career. There is so much good knowledge along with ways to set up business forms that would help when you are just starting out. However if you decide do it later in your career, I’d suggest creating a schedule that is integrating into your work schedule so it is done sooner than my three year journey. But in all honesty, there is no bad time to complete it or get it done. It is truly needed to move up in the categories of the Association of Bridal Consultants.

I was blessed enough to have a support group from several of my ABC family, and from my family. Without them I would not have completed it and got through it like I did. When I didn’t have the ability to clearly understand something, I was able to chat with my ABC family to get a clearer understanding of the material that I had in question. This to me was truly a plus since this is a self-paced thought program.

Upon completing the program I cant lie, there were happy tears flowing. The fact that I officially could place the initials of CWP (Certified Wedding Planner) behind my name is truly one of my BIGGEST self goals that I had for myself. The fact that I was able to complete this program during a time in my life that should have defeated me has given me the drive to know any goal can be accomplished no matter what life throws at you. This prestigious honor was the first step of me moving up in the levels of ABC. When you set out and want Master Wedding planner for yourself, this is the step in the process of doing so. It is truly the beginning of my education to move me up in the ladder, and closer to my personal goal of becoming a Master Wedding Planner with ABC.


Marian Hilliard, CWP

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