A Letter From The Director of Diversity Lois Pearce

Lois Pearce

Lois Pearce

We are in the business of romance. Knowing that, we also recognize that everything isn’t always roses and buttercream frosting. The Association of Bridal Consultants cannot fix mindsets, but as an educational platform we won’t ignore what is going on around us either. As you know, our membership is based on character. Proudly, we admit that my position of Director, ethnic diversity has been in place for a long time. My role has been to provide cultural information that will help you market to, and service your clients better. I have chosen to recommend verbiage or suggestions to our Directors and President when I felt it was important. From day one of my membership with ABC there has been minority representation in various positions. Currently, the positions of our Directors and our State Managers are represented 60% and 30%, respectively, by persons of color.

I firmly believe when you aren’t willing to grow you will wither, and become stale. I also feel when you aren’t offering solutions you are a part of the problem. Many of you have heard about “the talk” Black parents have with their children to prepare them in public situations, particularly with law enforcement. So, I invite you to be a part of our educational “talk” on Monday June 8th at 7:00 pm. We will converse about diversity, disparities in the industry, and experiences. This will be our ABC member opportunity for awareness and begin to talk about solutions, sensitive to ABC growth in these areas.

Feel free to submit your questions or observations to me (lois.abcdiversity@gmail.com) or, Shelby (shelby.abceducation@gmail.com) by Noon on Monday.

“See” you there.



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