Levels of ABC Membership

At the Association of Bridal Consultants, we encourage and foster the educational and professional growth of all of our members. We offer an array of topics that are essential to succeeding in the wedding planning industry and staying relevant to today’s modern couples.

To begin, you need to enroll as a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants. The opportunity to advance within the organization is completed through educational training and experience within the industry. We offer the Professional Wedding Planner program (PWP), the ABC Annual Conference, numerous state-level seminars, and national/international webinars. The Professional Wedding Planner program is our most in-depth educational program. As you progress, each course requires greater effort and time. Certificates are awarded after each course, showing you have completed and passed a level of proficiency.

Enrolling in, and successfully completing, the entire Professional Wedding Planner program (PWP) will earn you 25 educational points, and qualifies you for the designation of Certified Wedding Planner / Certified Wedding Vendor! Below are the points required for other designations within the Association of Bridal Consultants.

Our levels of achievement are:

  • Registered Wedding Planner or Registered Wedding Vendor (0 – 24 Points)

  • Certified Wedding Planner or Certified Wedding Vendor (25 – 49 Points)

  • Professional Wedding Planner or Professional Wedding Vendor (50 – 74 Points)

  • Accredited Wedding Planner or Accredited Wedding Vendor (75 – 124 Points)

  • Master Wedding Planner or Master Wedding Vendor (125 Point & Above)

To learn more about the ABC’s levels of membership and designations, click here for a downloadable PDF.