ABC Webinar: Cannabis at Weddings — What Every Planner Should Know


What Everyone Ought to Know About Weed Weddings

With the increase of states legalizing the sale of cannabis, I thought it would be great for our members to understand our responsibilities and liabilities when it comes to cannabis at weddings. Who could do this seminar any better than Wendie Bass from Colorado, one of the sale of cannabis.



This educational webinar presented by Wendie Bass, AWP and Colorado ABC State Manager will share her experience and knowledge of cannabis and weddings. You will expand your knowledge about cannabis and it’s consumption beyond what you may have assumed.

Wendie will discuss why it is becoming part of weddings and the guest experience.  She will also tell you how to guide your couples for a successful wedding and items to add to your emergency kit for an over-consumption situation.

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Join us on April 9, 2019 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern for this informative and educational webinar.

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