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Wedding coordinator and venue coordinator, the two names sound very similar, but they differ in their responsibilities to the bride and groom. Many brides mistakenly think that if their selected wedding venue offers an in-house coordinator, they wouldn’t need the services of a wedding planner. But there is a good chance that the couple could end up stressed out facing a disaster to happen on their wedding day when the venue coordinator will not “perform” the duties of a wedding planner.

Unfortunately, it is often assumed that the venue coordinator is going to help set up all your décor, manage and coordinate all third-party vendors and generally oversee everything that needs to be done in order for your special day to run smoothly. Don’t be misled when a venue coordinator says: I will take care of everything on the day of your wedding, making sure the day will run smoothly. Although the venue coordinator will offer her/his assistance with emergencies if you need it, that is totally a different thing from taking responsibility for running the entire wedding. To clear up the confusion between the duties of a wedding planner and a venue coordinator, here is a short checklist to help you remember what you can expect in most cases:

Wedding Coordinator’s Responsibilities:

  • They will coordinate all the vendors involved on the day of
  • They will make sure all the vendors get to the venue on time
  • They will communicate with the vendors in case there is an issue
  • They will help to set up décor, flowers, candles to bring the couple’s vision to life
  • They will stay at the venue until the end of your wedding
  • They will run the wedding day according to the finalized timeline that your wedding planner help you create

Venue Coordinator’s Responsibilities:

  • They are responsible for the venue
  • They will protect the interests of the venue
  • They will make sure all the vendors have liability insurance
  • They will ensure the food and drinks are served in a timely manner
  • They will ensure basic set up of tables and chairs as it states in your contract

Now that we got some clarity on the difference between the wedding coordinator and the venue coordinator, you can avoid quite a bit of frustration and unmet expectations. A wedding planner/coordinator can save you time, money and offer wedding planning services to make sure your special day is stress-free.

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