#TipTuesday: 5 Things to Remember to do on Your Wedding Day


Welcome to our first ABC #TipTuesday! With wedding season in full swing and our wedding planners in full planning mode, we wanted to offer some of our top tips to our brides and grooms for a memorable and relaxed wedding day! Whether you have a wedding planner (we hope you do!!) or not, always remember these five items for an enjoyable wedding day!

  1. Food for you and your wedding party: In the whirlwind to get ready for your big day and memories being made, it’s always nice to have something to snack on throughout the day. For some, getting ready begins before the sun comes up and continues into the afternoon. It can be as simple as bagels and coffee, or a more elaborate set-up with a number of breakfast/lunch food staples, fruit, veggies, the works! Regardless, your wedding party members will thank you, and will keep anyone from getting “hangry.”

  2. Extra time for hair & makeup: We can’t stress this one enough! Although you may have had a trial and your team knows exactly how to achieve the look you want, it will be the first time others will be receiving services. It may take no time at all, or, may need more time than allotted. This will leave everyone feeling more relaxed while getting ready!

  3. Make an emergency kit: Make sure to have an emergency kit on-hand and at the ready. This should be a portable kit that contains essentials to help cure the “just in case” incidents on the day for you and your entire wedding party. Items may include: safety pins, sewing needles & thread (buy extra white thread and those of the colors your wedding party will be wearing), band-aids, stain removal towelettes or pens, mints, extra deodorant, men’s dressy shoe laces, aspirin/ibuprofen, antacids, hair spray, bobby pins, double-sided hem tape and combs (with the handle to help take out a veil afterward).

  4. Schedule alone time after your ceremony: After you walk down the aisle newlyweds, continue that walk to a private place where the two of you can soak in everything that just happened – YOU’RE MARRIED!! You can ask your venue to have some of the cocktail hour food and champagne available for you in your suite for you two to enjoy for a few minutes before celebrating with everyone! It’s these moments that you will remember together, and you’ll look back and feel as though you had your time together as well as with all of your guests!

  5. Stick together like glue: During your reception, you will be pulled in a number of different directions for pictures and congratulations from guests, just make sure to do it with your new spouse! This way, you will have a ton of pictures of you as newlyweds with all of your guests versus looking back on your wedding day and saying “we don’t have any good photos together.” Always stick together – you’ll be glad you did!

Do you have any other tips or advice? We’d love to hear them! Please email us at ABCWebsiteSubmission@gmail.com with “5 Things to Remember to do on Your Wedding Day” in the subject header.


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