The 2018 Multicultural Couple, What You Should Know


Today’s average bride was born in 1989 and will turn 29 this year. They are technically savvy, educated, appreciate diversity, respect their elders, and have a short attention span.  One in six of today’s couples will marry across their racial or ethnic lines. Your challenge as a wedding professional is to be open and knowledgeable about a culture other than your own.

The U.S. cultural mix has had a great influx of Latin Americans and Asian Americans.  With this influx and the mindset of the Generation Y/Millennials, the multicultural wedding couple looks like this, according to the latest census report:

             43%   Caucasian-Hispanic

            14.4% Caucasian-Asian

            11.9% Caucasian-Black

9% of whites, 17% of Blacks, 26% of Hispanics and 28% of Asians married outside of their ethnicity. This is a significant amount of the couples we serve.

What do you need to know about other cultures? Their native dress, foods, etiquette/customs, what they say and do, their communication style, their lifestyle choices and their behavioral customs.  You should seek to understand values, beliefs, and philosophy that defines their culture. Also, consider what their attitudes are towards time and religion so you may help them plan accordingly.

One of the easiest ways for your couple to create a wedding “like no other” is to consider either their cultures or the cultural traditions of others and go from there. Although customs or traditions may be related to a particular ethnic group they are not restricted to only them.

To incorporate culture into their wedding day one of the easiest ways would be to start with their palate. Everyone has a cultural background! It isn’t necessary to incorporate cultural foods for the entire celebration. Be creative during the cocktail hour by introducing the guests to experience foods from both of the cultures of the couple.  Dinner may be foods more recognizable or have stations with basic foods spiced up with a cultural flair. (The key here is the wait staff must be educated to what they are serving so they may explain the contents to the guests.)

Your marketing efforts should include images of these couples. Consider creating Pinterest boards or including photos on other social media outlets of various traditions so when a couple approaches you as a professional you may show them you have done research and may be aware of who they are as a culture.

The Association of Bridal Consultants have resources to help. Webinars and seminars are being scheduled to help you become more aware of cultures and traditions. Take advantage of every opportunity you make your business appealing to this wedding couple!


Lois Pearce, MWP, is the director of Ethnic Diversity for the Association of Bridal Consultants, President of Lois Pearce and Associates and Certified Sandals Specialist. An author and speaker, her book Wedding Customs & Traditions “Historical Traditions to Incorporate into Modern Weddings” is available via Wedding Customs. She is available to help you research various traditions and offers business consulting.

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