Member Perk: David Tutera Webinar


Last month we had a great hour full of business and some personal insites from David Tutera.  David has spoken at several of our Annual Conferences and always provides great insight and inspiration.  We even got a sneak peek at his beautiful office and even more beautiful daughter!

So tell me…what take aways did you pick up from the conversation?

To get things started I’ll tell you my take away…he spoke about pivoting your business or are you going to persevere through this.  Prior to this call I had thought about pivoting (making some changes) but I really didn’t want to.  I love my business the way it is, I love the clients that I work with and I don’t really want that to change.  So he gave me insight that I didn’t have to change, that I just have to make it through so instead I’ve been organizing and automating to make things easier when everything gets back to normal…and it will.

Now…what is your take away?


Posted on by Veronica Foster
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