ABC WOW Annual Conference Speaker – M. Shannon Hernandez


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1. What are 2 key words (phrases) to describe what attendees will take away from attending your Keynote Presentation?

  • How to step into The Confident Expert

  • Why #JoyfulMarketing is a game changer in your business

2. What would you say was the most important lesson (good or bad) that has impacted the way you evolved your business at these different stages:

  • In the beginning of my business, the most important lesson I learned was to hire a business foundations coach to help me learn how to be profitable and have boundaries in my business, so I wasn’t working all the time! I now run a multi-six figure company working 3.5 days a week and 3 weeks a month. That is notable!

  • In the middle, the most important lesson I learned was to be 100% me, share the parts of me that most wouldn’t think about sharing in their marketing, and just be human. This is BY FAR why people hire me to help them with their marketing and sales. No one wants to be a fake or work with a fake.

  • Where I am now, the most important lesson is to continue hiring team to help me grow. I now have a team of 7, and I couldn’t have grown this business like I have by myself. I started with me, then added on the team as I realized that I was needing to do things that were NOT in my zone of genius. It has been a true blessing to adopt this mindset and see my global business flourish. 

3. What motivates you to continue being a part of this industry?

  •  I love the Wedding industry. The people are creative, passionate, and in the end, in love with love and sharing love stories. This is aligned with my personal mission of love changes the world. 

4. If you were starting your business today, what is one tip you would share with new planners/designers?

  • Invest in marketing help as soon as you read this! You’ve got to be priced for profit and know how to market, otherwise you have a very expensive hobby, instead of a business.



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