ABC WOW Annual Conference Speaker – Victoria Ten Eyck


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 Today, we hear from Victoria Ten Eyck, Simply Divine Weddings & Events

1. What are 2 key words (phrases) to describe what attendees will take away from attending your Keynote Presentation?

  • Signs and symptoms of stress for the business professional

  • Practical ways to establish self-care routines

2. What would you say was the most important lesson (good or bad) that has impacted the way you evolved your business at these different stages:

  • In the beginning of my business, It was connecting with seasoned professionals in the wedding industry and positioning myself as a novice to learn the basics of the industry from them. Being taken up under their wing was very helpful in learning how to establish myself in this vast industry.

  • In the middle, having a variety of wedding clients from great to challenging has helped me to know exactly who my ideal client is and how to market to them; along with who my client is not.

  • Where I am now, organically developing specialty areas of my business while receiving support and encouragement from my colleagues.  This allows me to hone my craft, make mistakes, and grow in the wedding industry.

3. What motivates you to continue being a part of this industry?

  •  What motivates me to stay in the wedding industry is the professional connection and relationship that I have with the members of the ABC MD/DC Chapter.  The professional development and memberships with wedding industry organizations. The continuous support from my state manager, wedding colleagues and continuing education received throughout every aspect and organic growth of my business.

4. If you were starting your business today, what is one tip you would share with new planners/designers?

  • The one tip I would share is don’t get caught up in the fluff, pomp, and circumstance of just planning and/or designing weddings and events.  Establish and ground yourself on a stable foundation for your business.  If you don’t establish a strong foundation for your business such as organization, finances, accounting, business plans, DBA, registering your business name, taxes, tax ID, etc.; pretty soon your business will falter because you’ve grown it on shaky ground.





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