ABC WOW Annual Conference Speaker – JoAnn and Charles Moore


Today, we hear from JoAnn and Charles Moore, JoAnn Moore Weddings and Events.

1. What are 2 key words (phrases) to describe what attendees will take away from attending your Keynote Presentation?

  • JoAnn: Step by step and checklists for safety review for each venue and responds to emergencies. It’s all on us to keep our events safe!

  • Charlie: “If you can predict it, you can prevent it” and establish a relationship with your Emergency Responders.

2. What would you say was the most important lesson (good or bad) that has impacted the way you evolved your business at these different stages:  


  • In the beginning of my business, I considered myself a sponge, jumping into every class, listening and learning from the pros, and reading everything I could get my hands one. I hand no idea of everything I didn’t know…..learning the industry, and continuing to learn. 

  • In the middle, I learned early on, I don’t do boring well. I had to mix it up, challenge myself, invent things to work for me. Stand out in an industry that is easy to blend in. 

  • Where I am now, I’m expanding in new directions, providing my personal experiences of lessons learned to others, writing, speaking and teaching engagements. Knowing I have a wealth of knowledge from thirty years in the industry, I feel obligated to share. Constantly raising the barre on my business with luxury weddings and events, I don’t get bored as I continue to think outside the box with my creative talents and elevated events for my clients.

3. What motivates you to continue being a part of this industry?


  •  My continued drive and excitement for the wedding and event industry keeps me going. I never stop learning! I love working with my clients for their exciting events. The day I don’t like doing what I’m doing, is the day I will stop… time soon!

4. If you were starting your business today, what is one tip you would share with new planners/designers?


  • Be uniquely YOU! Don’t copy other planners from their service packages to their designs, and websites. Show who you are, what excites you with what you do, and find ways to show off your talent. Be honest! Don’t overstate what you do, if you don’t have the experience to back it up. Remember, there will never be another YOU! Be YOU!







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