ABC Planner Pajama Party with the Masters

The Masters shared a lot of advice last night during our Planner PJ Party. We were not able to feature all of our Masters , so here are a few  of their words of wisdom, experience, and advice.


Association of Bridal Consultants
Shelby Tuck-Horton, MWP  

During the party, I talked about the importance of self-care especially during these challenging times. Often we look at manicures, pedicures, facials and massages as our self-care routine. While all of that is important, I’m talking about nourishing your soul and taking care of your mental and emotional well-being. It is most important to find time — even if it is only for a few minutes at day — to pour into yourself so that you are able to continue to pour into others.




When I first started my company in 2002, I visited our local SBA office for some accounting advice. My thinking was that any retainers I collect should go into an escrow account until the event happens. The person I met with at SBA said I didn’t need to do that. Now, 18 years later, as we are dealing with yet another financial crisis, I’m so glad I have that safety net. It’s hard to let money sit untouched as a new business, but in the long run it’s a good practice to get into.


  Two main things need to be set: COOL HEAD even though in times like this is very hard to achieve. Think with feet on the ground. Then, complimenting with this, once you want to cry desperately, take care of your mind. Talking to a professional does help. Don’t try to handle the ups and downs (emotionally) by yourself. It can be overwhelming.

Said that, it’s a great momento to re-structure your brochure, your costing table, your paperwork. Maybe even reconsider the texts on our websites. It’s time to plant seeds on our communication on social media, so that when the time is due, we can collect the harvest.

Veronica Foster, MWP 

Having processes in order is important. What is your onboarding process for your different levels of client, what is the planning process, how are you communicating. All of these are very important to have in place prior to opening your doors. If your doors are already open – tweak them and keep Standard Operating Procedures.






Building relationships and keeping relationships are key. Check in on your colleagues and best past clients. When we move past this current season they will be the ones to add business to your pipeline. Givers get. Get ready to be ready!






Balance is key! Pace yourself and do lots of networking. Build an “A team” with people who will support each other. You never know who you’ll need in case of an emergency!





During these uncertain times it is important to not focus so much on what you don’t have and how will you get through it; but rather focus on getting things done to improve your business. For instance refreshing packages to match what today’s couples need, educating yourself on the current trends, and taking advantage of the free seminars that are available to help your business. Once we bounce back be ready



Each day, I meditate in a special area of our bedroom, and think of all the blessings I had through the years. Not only with our family, but, with my many beautiful and gracious brides, grooms, families and wedding professionals! The friendships I have established with the ABC since 1993 bring joy and laughter while I concentrate on life’s goodness. This too shall pass!




This is useful at anytime, especially during this “stay at home” time. Here is something I came up with that is very simple to remember.

Never Lose SIGHT!  (acronymn)

S - Strategy (Marketing, products, services, etc)

I - Implementation (Just do it!)

G – Goals (Review and check off. Re-evaluate)

H – Help (Don’t be afraid to ask for help)

T – Technology (There is no better time to learn a new program or platform.)




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