ABC Master Level…. To Wait or Not To Wait


The deadline for the Master Wedding Planner and Master Wedding Vendor application is quickly approaching July 1, 2019.    You may be wondering if this is the right time for you or not, and the response is — there is no right time, the time is now.  The Master Level is for those who are already masters in their craft, leaders in the industry, and positive forward thinkers.  So why wait.   APPLY

If you have questions, ASK.  Don’t doubt your credentials or your potential.

If you have all your points and requirements in order, here is some inspiration as to why you should submit your Master application.  

“Achieving the Master Wedding Planner designation was something that I did for me. After years of actively educating our market of other wedding professionals and potential clients about the beneficial role of a wedding planner, I realized that all the things that I had done translated into points that I could use to excel to the next level in my designation with ABC.

There were years of self-doubt about whether I was good enough. It did not matter how I was praised by my clients or others in the wedding industry. I needed to prove it to myself. Presenting to a panel of my peers, who had reached that master level, was going to be the proof I needed. I always believed I COULD! I just wasn’t sure I was THERE YET! As hard work and dedication always pay off….I am happy to say, “I HAVE ARRIVED!” 


“Being able to earn the title of Master Wedding Planner had been a goal of mine since I joined ABC. For me, it didn’t signify the end of my career or final step, it was a new first step on the ladder to something greater. For years, I saw what the other Master Wedding Planners accomplished and I wanted to be one of them.

I was excited and overwhelmed and it was a release because I was so tense. This was my second time applying for the Master’s designation and when I walked into the room everyone’s faces were blank. I couldn’t get a read and I just felt like I had failed again. Then the ladies stood up and started clapping and I just had to cry and hug everyone in the room. By the time I walked back to my room, I had formulated a plan for the next steps in my career.”

VERONICA FOSTER, MWP (North Carolina) 

I love to grow and learn all the time. For me it was just the next step on my career on ABC which I really cherish. It was a personal goal. Also, cause I wanted to set an example for other members. To be a State Manager, I think it’s important to set an example by doing it yourself. How could I encourage other members to change level if I didn’t?


I made this my goal since day one of joining the Association almost 13 years ago. Striving for this goal meant that I was constantly improving as a wedding planner and leader in the industry.

I was so honored and excited and proud that I had reached this goal. I did not get the designation the first time I tried and that was disappointing. From that failure though I learned about myself and I was even more determined to get it the second time. When I did become a Master Wedding Planner it meant even more because I came back from a disappointment even stronger.

 ROBYN BRUNS, MWP (Washington)

I’ve always strive for greatness and being recognized as a Master Wedding Planner is sharing with the world that you have a gift of knowledge, experience and talent. I knew from the very moment I joined ABC that I was going to be a Master. I felt in my bones and with every move I made.

JENNIFER BALL, MWP (North Carolina)


For questions regarding the Accredited/Master Level Application email Shelby Tuck Horton at


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